Security & Surveillance

You can’t avoid Security and Surveillance systems as they watch the premises while you are busy.

Next level Enterprise Security in Abu Dhabi!

Speed computer has a broad portfolio of avant-garde products and services, global network, and firewall solutions to keep our customers, partners and staff connected, communicating, and working 24/7 365 days a year. Our work comprises the security of all business areas, from simply recommending password complexity, data loss mitigation, and other security best practices to the other end of the spectrum protecting technical information related to assets in space.

Yours Complete Firewall Security Solution!

Managing threats from the internet are now at the core of daily business operations for almost every organization. But to perform it as you need it to, your internet connection needs to be secure with a solid Firewall security solution.

Normally, software firewall solution protects each PC they are installed on. But to secure all your company systems, each one of them must have software firewall solutions. Firewall solutions integrated with comprehensives security devices offer many benefits to businesses.

Well, knowingly, there are bad guys out in the world who are working day and night to steal your digital assets with every means possible. As an experienced Security solution provider, Speed computer can respond in various ways to such security breaches, having a broad range of tools that enable us to deal effectively with these security threats.

Speed computer’s Fire Wall Solution services offer:

  • Advanced Persistent Threat Protection: Protect users from advanced and emerging threats, including botnets, malware, phishing attacks, and more.
  • Local Internet Breakouts: Secure your branch offices and road warriors without backhauling traffic to a central gateway, and deliver a transparent, latency-free experience to users.
  • Mobile Security: Mobile Security that offers comprehensive protection for smartphones and tablets, with little software management.
  • Support for changing business needs: We provide advanced application-layer security for a wide range of applications.
  • Controlled access to your company’s Resources: The most effective firewall solution for business blocks unauthorized access to applications and company systems.
  • Increase Employee productivity: By blocking unauthorized attacks from hackers, your firewall solution helps prevent the loss of employee productivity and important data archived from years of hard work.
  • Improves Business Resiliency: The best firewall solution prevents the disruption of business-critical applications and services due to security breaches.

We Made Security and Surveillance A Business Enabler

We stand high among the best CCTV Security Surveillance Systems Supplier & installation Provider in Abu Dhabi. We are providing Security Systems, Safety Products, Access point control Solutions with long-term after-sales customer support.

Our Services includes:

  • Home Security Systems
  • Residential CCTV Systems
  • Home Security Systems
  • Office Security Systems
  • Industrial CCTV Surveillance Solutions
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems

Highly Efficient Reliable Surveillance Services for Businesses in Abu Dhabi

Speed computer uses the most efficient and cost-effective system to securing you and your property. We have all the tools and gadgets to make live operating of your property through the lenses of security cameras.

Our CCTV cameras are equipped with advanced two-way audio capabilities; besides high-end sensors are strategically placed at the vulnerable points at your property, creating hot zones to boost the protection. We have an access control system to maximize the full-proof security at your place with no breach of zones. Be extra safe with our Fire alarm system to avoid any natural mishap.

Protect your Business Assets

Are you looking for an affordable yet effective solution to protect your assets? If so, then consider Speed computer’s state-of-the-art video surveillance solution. Our surveillance services are prone to stop thefts, vandalism, detects fires, and so much more.

The Process we follow

Here is the breakdown of the process, how we operate:

  • Our research and design department will get along with you to determine where your site vulnerabilities are.
  • On the design is complete, the full proposal with recommended cameras to be installed with cost will be sent to the customer to review.
  • Then, Speed computer will send its qualified technicians to select the necessary equipment based on the assets to be protected.
  • The installation will be done according to the design and proposal while keeping the customer well aware of the minutes.
  • These are the basics on a system operates:
    • Power
    • Network availability
    • Building layout
    • Lighting
  • On-site DVR NVR will be connected to the customer’s high-speed internet service.
  • Cameras can be connected with the DVR NVR through the LAN, direct wiring, or wireless transmitters.
  • Speakers will install to make use for sounding alarms or to make necessary announcements.
  • Our cutting-edge techno DVR NVR runs software with analytics that detects motions on single or all cameras, including nighttime thermal cameras, to protect fire risks.
  • Speed computer can promote active surveillance, monitor, and provide security to customer sites 24/7 if required all year round.

What Includes In The Basic Surveillance System On-Site?

  • DVR or NVR
  • Video camerasy
  • Speakers
  • High-speed internet
  • Surveillance center with live monitoring agents (upon Demand)

Creating a Trusted Digital World

With close to 20 years of experience in IT, Speed computer knows how to protect you from online malicious threats. We can combat any vulnerabilities in your systems and provide you with top-quality solutions and expertise.

In the present age of digitalization, we face an uncommon combination of challenges, and that is why web security matters more than ever. To help protect the future of businesses, we seek to expand what is possible to ensure the protection of your assets. As we say, we lift you from the level of unsecured to be Sure of your protection. Here is what you can expect while signing us.

  • Deep Business Expertise
  • Technological Knowledge
  • Exceptional IT intelligence
  • Certified Technicians
  • Ensuring Privacy
  • Detecting Cyber frauds
  • Managing third Part Risks

Last but not least reducing your security costs through versatile delivery options and tailored solutions. Be a part of our growing community of satisfied customers. For more information, call us, email us or get in touch with WhatsApp. What are you waiting for? Another costly theft? Take action now!


“ I have always found Speed technicians to be professional, responsive, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Most important to me, they possess excellent communication skills. “

Harold Peterson

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“ One of your technicians came, did what he had to do, and left. He’s not only talented but also a nice guy. As I told him, that was the best phone call I made all week. I’m most appreciative. “

James Anderson

UAE, Dubai

“ Speed have always done a first class job for me, and on this occasion they have done the same. “

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“ A very rapid & prompt reply to my IT issue. Quickly and professionally resolved. “

Ahmad Moosa

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