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For every company that holds plenty of sensitive information, clientele records, financial records, and data transfer happen between its employees daily, having a secure and efficient network is very important.

Whenever data transfer happens, the data is at risk because of the intruders looking to exploit loopholes in your network systems. At Speed Computer, we understand the importance of networking systems for organizations. Regardless of your business's size, if you have a networking system, you need more than just a computer technician to help you secure your system and keep it running perfectly.

For safe and effective network solutions, you need to have a technology partner that is qualified and experienced in providing effective networking solutions. Thankfully, you have an experienced networking solution partner in ‘Speed Computer’ by your side. We help you to set up and manage your complete network and related operations.

20 Years of Excellence!

Over the last 20 years, we have been providing networking solutions to top-level firms and small businesses in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our services go above and beyond the client’s expectations as we are driven by the enthusiasm to serve our clients. At Speed Computer, our services' strength lies in our commitment to delivering high-end customer service and support.

Our networking experts are experienced, highly qualified, and skilled. They are always well aware of the latest networking practices, innovative networking solutions, and the best industry standards. Over the years, we have maintained a high level of knowledge and expertise, and both are expanding as we are becoming more experienced.

Our excellent customer service and superior quality products are why we have been successful in Abu Dhabi’s networking solutions space.

Why Do You Need A Professional Networking Solutions Company?

For businesses having sensitive client information, financial records of the company, and other company details on its servers or network, nothing is more important than data security. One of the best ways to ensure your data is always safe and protected from intruders is to have efficient and state-of-the-art network systems.

Your organization needs a professional networking solutions company to help you drive your workforce, protect your servers, and improve your business's productivity. And that’s us!

Our professionals can set up the right security measure to make your systems highly safe and protected.

Our Networking Solutions Offer

  • Complete networking

We can help you set up a complete networking system to enable your employees to connect, share data, and conduct communication.

  • Design implementation and upgrading

At Speed Computer, we have network design experts that can provide innovative design for a highly functional and cost-effective network.

  • Network security

Network security is one of the most important practices for your network. We can provide state-of-the-art security to your network, making it highly secure and reliable.

  • Cloud computing & storage

Today, cloud computing & storage is a highly popular, efficient, and cost-effective networking solution. If you are looking for a cloud computing & storage solution, we are your best option.

  • Disaster recovery

We can help you prepare your network system for disasters effectively. Besides, we provide efficient disaster recovery services to help you get back your systems to working condition.

  • Solving the problem before they arise

With our maintenance and diagnostic services, we help you to know about the potential problems that can occur to your system.

  • Remote monitoring

If you want to monitor your system while not at your office, we can set up a remote monitoring feature as well.

  • Server virtualization

To get the best out of your server, we can help you improve its performance and efficiency with our server virtualization services.

What to Expect From Us?

Speed computer has a dedicated team of certified networking experts that will help you with:

  • Planning and project management
  • Assessment and Design services
  • Testing and Implementation
  • Cut-over and Support
  • Benefits of Speed computer Network Solutionst
  • Cost-saving and greater information sharing through a unified voice, data, and video networks
  • Comprehensive security from hackers, viruses, and other threats
  • Ubiquitous, secure, and bandwidth-rich wireless access to support today's content-rich environment
  • Streamlined and secured data transfer between offices through best practice network optimization.
  • The ability to easily and cost-effectively add more or change users on the network.
  • The flexibility to add new capabilities as needed without expensive upgrades.
  • Ensure your network meets the needs of your applications, data, users, and customers.
  • Speed computer has experience with a full range of technologies, including network virtualization, network function virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN/SD-WAN), wireless, network security, and IoT.

Prompt and Professional Networking Solutions

At Speed Computer, our networking solutions don’t only help you set up new network systems but also expand your existing system to meet your thriving business needs. Our services enable smooth and effective expansion of your business so you can meet the future head-on.

When you run into a network problem or difficulty, we understand that you can’t leave your network in a disrupted condition, so get in touch with us quickly for prompt services. We ensure that your network is back to its working condition immediately.

Our prompt services aside, we aim to deliver the highest possible standard of networking solutions. It makes our services professional. We do so by giving undivided attention to the problem, finding the root cause, and providing the most effective solution.

We are confident about our skills and expertise that we promise 100% satisfaction and effectiveness. We are committed to delivering quality networking solutions at fair pricing options.

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If you need a networking service or looking for a networking solution, we are one of Abu Dhabi's best options. We are committed to our clients, and we treat their networking problems as if we are after our own problems. We perceive your success as our success. Let’s work together to help you expand your business.

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“ I have always found Speed technicians to be professional, responsive, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Most important to me, they possess excellent communication skills. “

Harold Peterson

UAE, Dubai

“ One of your technicians came, did what he had to do, and left. He’s not only talented but also a nice guy. As I told him, that was the best phone call I made all week. I’m most appreciative. “

James Anderson

UAE, Dubai

“ Speed have always done a first class job for me, and on this occasion they have done the same. “

Mohamed Amir

UAE, Dubai

“ A very rapid & prompt reply to my IT issue. Quickly and professionally resolved. “

Ahmad Moosa

UAE, Dubai
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