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Expert Remote Solution for Business in Abu Dhabi

Do you want a high-functioning Remote Solution for your business at a fraction of cost? Get in touch with Speed Computer Abu Dhabi. Speed computer promises the best Remote Solution support services for your unique business requirements. Speed computer caters to each organization's unique needs through our wider spectrum of IT solutions available in Abu Dhabi.

Enabling Technology

Speed computer Abu Dhabi is committed to continuous development - constantly inventing and staying up to date by adopting state-of-the-art technology - to ward off the constant evolving of cybersecurity threats and ensure the safety and security of the remote connection.

  • Security Competence Research

Speed computer Security Competence Research is responsible for the authentication of the latest security technology and providing best practices according to the global security standards.

  • Secured Network and Security Measures

Speed computer secured connection is assured by the latest security technology such as strict access control, secure encryption communication, safe and foolproof user authentication, and security by access monitoring.

Scale-up Remote Access without Sacrificing Security

When you grant access to your system and applications, it should be easy. But sometimes, scaling your remote access solution feels like climbing a costly, time-consuming mountain. Remote solutions rely on complex configurations and multiple products, all working in harmony to make the remote connection secure. Get something wrong, and cracks begin to appear in the blink of an eye.

So how do you prevent a breach while ensuring the protection of your systems? Get Speed computer Integrated Secure Remote Solution. Unlike any other Remote Solution Speed computer Remote Solution is fast, quick to set up, and scales up in minutes, not weeks. It includes all the high-end security features you can expect.

  • Authorization
  • Data Encryption
  • Network Protection
  • Secure Application Access
  • Strong Two-factor Authentication

Remote Customer Challenges

Timely maintenance is important to ensure a functional business. However, the spreading remote staff network, the aging workforce, and complex modern automation systems bring the following challenges to business Remote Desktop Services.

  • High mean time to recovery (MTTR), especially in remote industries
  • Lack of skilled and experienced maintenance staff at company’s end
  • Increased operational risk due to open and integrated systems with larger exposure to security risk

Speed computer Remote Customer Benefits

  • Speed computer’s Secured Remote Solutions improves operational flexibility while reducing risks and the total cost of ownership.
  • Provides VPN so that you can access your site securely and eliminates travel expenses
  • Mitigates cyber risk with continuous remote security updates
  • Prevents failures in advance by consolidated management and remote monitoring
  • Minimizes Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) by emergency support

The Ultimate Remote Solution

Secure Access:

Provides secured and controlled access to critical, actionable information anytime and from anywhere.

Security Update:

Provides authenticated antivirus signatures and OS patches automatically and simultaneously.

System Monitoring:

Checks indications of any malfunctions by collecting system maintenance and environmental information before engineer assistance.

Emergency Support

Speed computer Technical Experts provide remotely accessible assistance on the customer’s system with a safe network to take immediate action for troubleshooting and recovery.

Easy to Manage and Configure Remote Solution

Speed computer Remote Solution provides a single interface to manage individual access to applications and services on both managed and managed devices. Access is identity-based, checking both user and device. It works on Zero Trust Principle. Nothing gets through Speed computer Remote Solution unless openly allowed. Moreover, it provides full control over administration.

  • Adding new Application
  • Setting up New Users
  • Changing Access Permission

How does it work?

Speed computer Remote Solution or Remote Desktop Services give users a virtually identical experience to sitting at their desks from anywhere by delivering a virtual PC over the internet.

Through a web portal or any computer running on a remote desktop client app, a user can connect to the RDS server. Once logged in and authorized, it allows a user to virtually connect to a desktop and access company’s files, applications, and systems just as they are using on their commuter at the office.

Remote Solutions can benefit businesses of all kinds. It allows employees working from home to utilize shared resources such as accounting packages, CRM, and file servers while promoting collaboration between different teams at different locations.

Seamless Data Accommodation with Quick Connectivity

The ability to access company data over a secure Remote Desktop Solution help maintains business integrity and data protection. The company data remains on the company server all the time, and it’s not transferred to the users' device; this allows

  • Tighter security
  • Bandwidth efficiency
  • Convenience for IT management

While providing an extra layer of security, Speed computer’s Remote solution ensures efficient bandwidth for those users on slow or unsteady internet connections. Remote solutions also allow IT departments to efficiently, deploy, upgrade and maintain software programs easily as it hosted centrally on a server instead of multiple devices.

As for Users: They enjoy speedy and stable connection and mobility of Speed computer Remote Solution, which means they can get started on any computer.

24 /7 Open Support for Remote Solution

Speed computer Remote solution is a safe and secure service by our experienced technical Service staff, utilizing the latest remote technology applications.

With the challenging times we are facing concerning the current COVID-19 pandemic, our Technical Support Team stands ready to assist with your application questions, connection holds back, or any other assistance your IT team requires.

Bring our Technical Expertise into use to look at your business layout to suggest an appropriate Remote solution plan. Enjoy our support services with:

  • Safe and Remote Technical Support
  • Effective communication over a call or Email
  • Technician on call whenever you need them

To know more on how a business can design their Remote Solution Strategy, speak with us via mail, give us a call, or simply WhatsApp.


“ I have always found Speed technicians to be professional, responsive, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Most important to me, they possess excellent communication skills. “

Harold Peterson

UAE, Dubai

“ One of your technicians came, did what he had to do, and left. He’s not only talented but also a nice guy. As I told him, that was the best phone call I made all week. I’m most appreciative. “

James Anderson

UAE, Dubai

“ Speed have always done a first class job for me, and on this occasion they have done the same. “

Mohamed Amir

UAE, Dubai

“ A very rapid & prompt reply to my IT issue. Quickly and professionally resolved. “

Ahmad Moosa

UAE, Dubai
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