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If you have accidentally deleted data from your digital device or it has been corrupted, then you’re not alone. We all have been committed to this mistake, and there’s nothing more annoying than losing your all-important work files, personal data, photos of your loved ones, and so on.

Deleted data is not permanently deleted from your device as there are some ways to recover the data. Speed Computer Abudhabi offers data recovery services to professionals, businesses, and individuals. If you ever need a professional data recovery service provider, look no further than us.

It’s the process of recovering deleted data from digital devices, which can’t be accessed through standard means. Data recovery is a key service in many situations. Your data can be deleted because of user error, deletion, physical or mechanical damage to the device, and so on. In case of such an event, data recovery services are the only option to recover your data if you don’t have a backup. If you experience data loss, contact us for our certified data recovery services.

Speed Computer has vast experience recovering data from damaged hard drives, mobile phones, flash drives, RAID, and more. We have an in-house team of experts aware of all device failure scenarios, which has enabled them to optimize their methods and make them highly successful.

With innovative and complex devices coming out every day, there’s a growing need to invest in R&D of improved data recovery techniques. This is something we do extensively at Speed Computer. We have a myriad of innovative and existing data recovery methods to achieve maximum success.

Data Recovery Services To Fit Your Data Loss Scenario

Today, we use a variety of devices to store our data. Being machines, these devices can suffer mechanical, physical, and logical damage. To fit your data loss needs, we offer a myriad of data recovery services.

  • Hard drive recovery

Whether your hard drive is clicking or not booting up, we can help you recover data from your hard drive. We work with both laptop & desktop and external hard drives.

  • Laptop data recovery

Regardless of the model or make of your laptop, Speed Computer can recover data from any crashed or damaged laptop. In the event of accidental overwriting of laptop data, bring your laptop to us for data recovery.

  • Desktop data recovery

Our expertise is limited to desktops operating on Windows; we can recover data from all kinds of operating systems. We offer a wide array of data recovery services for desktop computers.

  • Apple Mac data recovery

We offer specialized data recovery services for Apple Mac OS. You can bring your iPhone, iMac, iPad, etc., to us for efficient data recovery.

  • RAID data recovery and repair

We have experts and experience to recover and repair damaged RAIDs. We recover data from damaged RAIDs with great success. Besides, we can provide a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to prevent downtime resulting from a RAID failure.

  • Server data recovery

It can be an extensive task to recover data from servers. However, we have highly trained technicians and engineers to recover data, repair your servers, and minimize the downtime resulting from data loss.

  • USB Flash data recovery

USB Flash drives often experience data loss or either get corrupted. We can effectively recover data from USB Flash drives, SD Cards, and more.

  • SSD data recovery

One of the most popular forms of flash memory, SSDs are widely used for data storage. You can use it for either individual use or enterprise-level use. We can effectively recover data from your SSDs without causing any media damage.

  • Smartphone data recovery

Today, everyone has a smartphone with an abundance of data such as photos, videos, voicemails, etc. We can recover deleted messages and other data from your smartphone.

Our Secure Process

We understand that your data might be very sensitive and critical to you, which is why we ensure 100% protection of your drive. When you choose our data recovery services, rest assured that your data is safe because we have a highly secure process.

  • First of all, you need to drop your media at our lab.
  • We perform detailed diagnostics on your mind and determine the cost and turnaround time to recover the data.
  • Once you have approved the price and turnaround time, we start to perform data recovery and complete the process within the given time and budget. Even if it takes more work than anticipated, we don’t charge extra from you.
  • After recovering your data, we provide it through a secured media provided by you.
  • After delivering the recovered data, we don’t store your data in our drive and immediately remove it.

Why Choose Our Services?

  • High-end data retrieval expertise

We take pride in being the go-to data recovery services for businesses and individuals. We have been able to recover data from devices that were considered to be impossible. Our capabilities enable us to retrieve data from fire & water damaged media, encrypted media, and logically damaged devices.

  • Guaranteed data protection

We respect the privacy of our clients. We don’t involve any third party to retrieve data from any media because we have an extensive in-house team of experts.

  • Committed to innovating & improving techniques

We have been committed to improving existing data recovery techniques and innovating new techniques. We accomplish this by doing extensive R&D work. Our commitment to improving and innovating help us stay ahead of the competitors. It makes us the most reliable data recovery service in Abudhabi.

  • No data, no fee

One of the best reasons to try our services is that we don’t charge anything if we cannot retrieve data from your media. We offer a variety of data recovery services to fit your needs.

One-Stop Data Recovery Solutions

If you are looking for affordable, safe, and efficient data recovery services, get in touch with us. We have all the skills and tools to safely recover data from any media.


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